A Next Generation Decentralized Computation Platform

Building a Brave New World

a decentralized computation platform

Wuji PoS

Wuji, a sophisticated and mathematical proved safe Proof-of-Stake algorithm inspired by a paper named iChing, is being developed to create a scalable and secure Blockchain.

Gastromancy Protocol

Gastromancy Protocol, a secure Multi-Party Computation (MPC) cryptography protocol, uses to develop Tangrum’s on-chain governance voting system and privacy-preserving data mining system for future enterprise applications, offering a high performance of security and privacy.

Tangram Language

Tangram is a general multi-paradigm Knowledge-Based programming language for writing smart contracts. It’s a symbolic discourse language that you can use it to create the most powerful and safety smart contracts.

Blockchain of Things

Build a new autonomous machine economy mechanism to make Internet of Things(IoT) to be a truly useful things network, unlocking the potential of IoT which is now facing a poor interoperability and the high costs problem.


Tangrum will be revolutionized into a decentralized intelligence platform combining the Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technology. This will bring a new world to humanity!
a project initiated by a decentralized community

Supervised by Tangrum Foundation, an entity registered in Singapore.          

Developed by Gödel Labs, a Blockchain research and development lab.



Q1 2017

Project initiated
(The former name of project is Tangreum)






Azure Dragon

Q4 2017

Project launches







White Tiger

Q1 2018

Tangrum Contribution Period

Vermilion Bird

Q1 2019

Tangrum mainnet launches







Black Tortoise

Q1 2020

Gastromancy Protocol deploys 







Q1 2021

Tangram Language launches


Q1 2022

AI-enabled Tangrum is ready for the world




Roy Zou

Chief Engineer

Owning a master degree of controlling engineering, be involved in Bitcoin and Blockchain community since 2011, Roy is one of the founding member of Dogecoin and Ethereum Classic community, ETCDEV Team advisor and General Secretary of Ethereum Classic Consortium.Roy is an entrepreneur, advisor & investor of Blockchain startups and founder of BITKIO & Gödel labs.

Bernhard K. Meister

Blockchain Researcher

Bernhard has a PhD in theoretical physics from Imperial College, London, and was an associate professor at People’s University of China in Beijing. He is teaching part-time quantitative finance courses at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Bernhard started his career as a fixed income proprietary trader at Goldman Sachs and subsequently worked at various financial institutions to acquire exposure to a wide range of financial products. Bernhard has extensive experience as a consultant, initially at McKinsey & Company, and later for companies like China Construction Bank and Yahoo! Japan.

Fanfei Chong

AI Researcher

Fanfei held a PhD in Mathematics from Vanderbilt University. He is an experienced Statistical Analyst with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry. He is proficient in building predictive model using Machine Learning algorithms in a variety of settings, including credit risk model, scorecard model, and image-recognition.

Stewart Mackenzie


Stewart Mackenzie is the founder of Fractalide. Stewart has programmed computers in multiple industries such as security, making use of cryptography, logistics, control systems and most recently in the cryptocurrency space a member of the Ethereum Classic development team. He enjoys programming language theory in particular purely functional programming languages and distributed programming languages. Stewart studied computer science in the University of Johannesburg, South Africa, and in his spare time tries to have fun building ion traps.

Iven Li


13 years’ experience in java development and system architecture has been in Shenzhen Kingdee R & D center, Shenzhen Yougou online mall R & D center. Proficient in big data processing, distributed computing and high concurrent cluster architecture.